Loving the Neu! vibe on this live performance, although it is to be expected with Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother involved. It still amazes me looking at their latest material, just to what extent Kraftwerk have transcended the whole Krautrock scene!


ch0lera: The Provinces & Territories of Canada (in order of entrance into Confederation).

The Germans play Monopoly! I’m spending my days looking through stuff like this, while I should be doing my dissertation. Although both this and my dissertation have a German theme, so I’m not straying too far! :)

Had an amazing long weekend up in Newcastle and Edinburgh. Saw this young lady in Edinburgh on Sunday night, and she was absolutely incredible.

Never before have I had tears in my eyes at a gig, but Lissie’s story regarding the writing of this song, and her performance were incredibly moving.

Cannot wait until I have the chance to see her again, and the same goes for the wonderful city of Edinburgh!

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Best bit from Sunday night’s Top Gear. One of the best episodes I’ve seen in a while!

A wonderful piece of music from a beautiful film. At the moment my love for (obsession with) Lost in Translation is rather bizarre. Leaves this overwhelming feeling of serenity within me.

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